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Connected over 450 partners in 134 countries worldwide. We are the leading innovators in Global Cross-Border Money Transfers, Mobile Airtime, Mobile DATA, SMS (delivery to even DND numbers), Banking Technology and Bill Payments due to our unparalleled technology. 50% of our business is in Nigeria with high calibre clients which include Nigerian commercial Banks. We pride ourselves as a company to provide ground breaking innovations in banking and Artificial technology.

Our signature platform PrimeAirtime, equips service providers to manage their entire supply chain and distribution needs electronically. As compared to traditional means of prepaid recharge like scratch cards, our electronic recharge system is secure, cost effective and well integrated to multiple access channels to ensure availability of any value recharge to end subscribers anywhere, anytime.

How it works?

PrimeAirtime is user-friendly which makes it extremely easy to carry out electronic transactions. Service Provider sets up its network of resellers using the PrimeAirtime System. These resellers can then virtually top up an end-subscriber's account with any defined amount over multiple channels like SMS, USSD, Web or Smartphone Application in real time.

Why does your business need PrimeAirtime?

From significant cost reductions in operations to complete control over the distribution chain, PrimeAirtime is an end-to-end solution for Electronic Value Distribution (EVD). It also manages a diverse range of product portfolios and reseller hierarchies from a feature rich and user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Who can use PrimeAirtime?

  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Distributors & Retail Chains
  • Reseller Agents and Franchises
  • Prepaid/Postpaid Service Providers
  • Value Added Services
  • Internet Providers or VoIP Providers


PrimeAirtime is a revolutionary B2B SaaS platform, designed with high-performance traffic/transaction execution in mind.
Our moto is Passion for Innovation

Multiple Account levels

3 Level Account: Wholesaler > reseller > agent or wholesaler > agent

Super fast

Revolutionary HFT™ protocol for superfast transaction processing in duplex mode.

Multiple Currencies

Multiple currency wallet support


High Level security

Application Firewall: your server IPs are whitelisted to be only allowed to transact on the account. Which is more preferred and more reliable secure method in comparison to VPN as VPNs can go down


Revolutionary Dashboard which shows statistical information via interactive tables and graphs of Success rate with customisation of date range, 24 hours, 7 days, month and year.

Always online

100% Uptime ‘We don’t go down while we perform maintenance and upgrades

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